Episode 4 -First Snow-

I wake up. I go out like every morning and then… nothing is  like every morning. Everything is white, white and cold. Strange cold. White. So white. But… you know… I kind of like it. Yes, I like it.  It’s fun to run on that white thing.

Later, Big Ben (my brother Benny) whispered to me that all this white thing is snow, and that there is going to be so much more… and that I am going to get tired of it. I don’t think so. I am not Benny. I like snow. I like snow very much!


Episode 3 -Rainy Day-

 I like the sound of rainy days. It makes me sleepy and very comfy on my couch. I don’t like being outside on rainy days. I don’t like to get wet. Do you like to get wet? It is so much better being on the couch. Yawnnn… The sound of rainy days is good.  It is not good outside. It is good on the couch. Yawnnn…

Episode 2 -Kong Bonding-

Yumm… Yumm… Cozy rug and peanut butter with Benny. I love peanut butter with Benny. Alone peanut butter is also good, but it is much  better with Benny.

My first movie -episode 1-

Hi, I’m Charlie. I am a dog. I am a Boston Terrier. I am not that good at writing. I am a dog. This post is to invite you to watch my movies with my brother Benny. Brother Benny, Big Ben, is awesome. I run and he runs after me. I run and I hide. Ha, ha, ha… I am good at hiding. Big Ben looks for me… Ha, ha, ha…